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The Importance of Choosing a Fully Insured Roofing Company

When it comes to maintaining and improving our homes, the roof stands as one of the most vital components. Whether it's a repair or a full replacement, choosing the right roofing company is crucial. While expertise and reputation are essential factors to consider, one aspect that should never be overlooked is insurance coverage. It may be tempting to just choose the least expensive quote when getting help with your roof but doing a few minutes of background checking will save you money in the long run. 


Protection for Homeowners 

Engaging a fully insured roofing company provides a sense of security and protection. Roofing projects involve potential risks, such as accidents or property damage. If an uninsured contractor causes injury to themselves or others while working on your property, you may be held liable for medical expenses and other related costs. However, by selecting a roofing company with comprehensive insurance coverage, these risks are mitigated. Always check with WSIB before signing a contract with a company. WSIB offers a clearances check that allows you to check if the business you are dealing with is in good standing.


Quality and Professionalism

Opting for a fully insured roofing company is a testament to their professionalism and commitment to quality workmanship. Insurance requirements often necessitate that roofing contractors meet specific standards and adhere to safety protocols. By choosing an insured company, you can rest assured that they have met these requirements and possess the necessary expertise to complete the job to a high standard. An insured company is more likely to invest in ongoing training for their employees, ensuring that they stay updated with the latest industry practices and safety measures.


Coverage for Property Damage 

Roofing projects can be complex, involving heavy equipment and materials. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen, and damage to your property may occur during the construction process. If you hire an uninsured roofing contractor, you may be left to bear the burden of repairing or replacing any damaged property. On the other hand, a fully insured roofing company will have liability insurance in place to cover such incidents. This means that if any property damage occurs during the project, the company's insurance will cover the costs of repairs, saving you from unexpected financial strain.


Worker's Compensation 

Roofing is a physically demanding job that carries inherent risks. If an accident were to happen and an uninsured worker gets injured on your property, you could be held responsible for their medical expenses and lost wages. However, when you hire a fully insured roofing company, they will have worker's compensation insurance. This coverage protects both workers and homeowners by providing financial support to injured workers for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. By working with an insured company, you avoid potential legal complications and financial liabilities that may arise from workplace accidents.


Choosing a roofing company that is fully insured offers peace of mind, protection against unforeseen circumstances, and assurance of professional service. Don't compromise on this essential aspect when selecting a roofing contractor for your home. At Clean Comfort Home Improvements we are fully licensed and insured. Each team member has full WSIB coverage and the training and management support to guarantee that your project is completed as agreed.  

Get in touch today to talk about your next roofing project.

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