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Should you finance your new roof replacement?

Worried about the cost of your new roof?  Wondering how much you need to save before committing to a roof upgrade? You’re not alone. 


We understand how big of an investment home improvements can be for most people and being able to pay these costs upfront is not an option for most.


Many feel that they need to "save" for the renovations they want or need. Some even try to get as much time as they can out of their current roof in an attempt to save up for it. 


What actually ends up happening is the interest they were trying to avoid paying by financing the project earlier on, which ends up costing them that same amount of money or often more, via inflation through material price increases, increasing labour rates, fuel costs, etc. 

So, doing it sooner is always a better option financially - especially when the 1 or 2 extra years added to the older product puts them at risk of a long list of problems, compared to doing it now, and getting the security of the new products lasting 30+ years as a minimum.


If you find yourself in this situation, Clean Comfort Home Improvements can assist you in financing your next roof & home improvement project with us - regardless of credit history or income. We will work with you to find a home financing loan solution that is best for you.


What are the benefits of financing your roof with Clean Comfort Home improvements?

  • We are proud to offer financing programs through a leading Home Finance institution: SNAP Finance. 

  • Fully customizable plans to suit almost any homeowner’s budget.

  • All loan plans and terms are determined based on individual credit status. We offer pre-approval, so you can assess your financing eligibility before making a decision.

  • Instead of depleting your savings and cash reserves, make small payments over time so you remain in a good financial position and are better prepared for life’s emergencies.

How does financing with SNAP work? 


Since 2006, SNAP Home Finance has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners just like you afford the improvements they need. They provide fast, fair, and friendly payment solutions. As a partner, enjoy approvals within minutes through Clean Comfort Home Improvements and get started on your dream home today. 


  • SNAP is not a one-size-fits-all financing company. They are home improvement financing specialists committed to helping you add value to your home.

  • SNAP helps you make purchases based on need, not budget. That’s how they provide the best, most efficient solutions.

  • Receive a significantly lower interest rate than a credit card, which can have rates as high as 29%.

  • Pay with hassle-free direct debit payments or even put your payments on your credit card. *

  • Pay off at any time.


If you want to pursue financing for your next Clean Comfort Home Improvements project, our finance team will determine your needs and support your application every step of the way to ensure we find the right financing plan for you.

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